Thursday, January 10, 2008

Got confused...

As a typical Tamil girl I don't know Telugu and Kannada. I know Malayalam a bit. There is one Telugu guy in my team. He taught me some four five Telugu words. I used to use those words for a week. After that one Kannada guy taught me some Kannada words. Now I got confused which one is Telugu word and which one is Kannada word. huh... How come you guys know four five languages???

Who is enjoying life?

My grand parents worked hard and earned money for my dad’s future. My parents are working hard and earning money for my future. I am going to work hard and earn money for my children’s future. Here who is living for her/himself and who is enjoying life???

A guy wants his wife...

One of my friend said that a guy wants his wife should not have had any affair. So if a girl had any affair, she should not tell about this to her husband.

But another friend said that a guy wants her wife should share everything with him and there should not be any secret between them. So if a girl had any affair, she should tell about this to her husband.

Huh!!! Got confused. Can you tell me which one is correct?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why does a girl need a boy friend?

There was this time, I was waiting for the BMTC bus in the Electronic city bus stop, I felt something was not right. Immediately I looked around me. I noticed one guy was staring at me. I got irritated and moved a bit. He also moved a bit and continued his work. Thank God. My bus came. I thanked God and got into the bus happily. After sometime only I noticed that guy was sitting behind me. OMG! I just closed my eyes and pretended like I was sleeping.

When we reached Majestic, I was rushing to catch my bus to Chennai. That guy started to follow me. I got scared and walked faster. When we were waiting to cross the road he smiled and told me "Hi". My heart beat increased. I pretended as if I did not hear his "hi" and crossed the road. I got an idea while entering into the KSRTC bus station. I gave a cal to my friend. When she picked up I shouted loudly "Where are you idiot? don't you have any sense? I am coming alone da... can't you pick me up?". She got confused and asked "hey why are you scolding me dear? Whats wrong with you? Have you started or not?". Then I replied softly "oh! sorry da. Are you waiting near Chennai bus? I'm coming. Will be there within 5 minutes. ok. Then bye" and cut that call.

After this, that guy was not over there. I didn't know where he had gone. I thanked God and had a safe journey. Hmmm.... Thats when i realized why does a girl need a boy friend.